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LIGHT bar : what about the feeling of satiety ?

Our LIGHT bars are rich in fibre and protein. These nutrients provide a long-lasting feeling of satiety and prevent cravings.


We also use glucomannan from konjac, which swells when in contact with water, reinforcing the feeling of satiety.

LIGHT bars : what are the main ingredients ?

We have chosen pea protein as our main source of protein because of its many nutritional benefits. Pea protein has an excellent absorption rate (98%). It contains all essential amino acids and its content of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) such as lysine and leucine make it an extremely interesting ingredient from a nutritional point of view. Non-allergenic, it is a great source of fibre, vitamins and minerals, just like soy protein, another ingredient used in our LIGHT bars.


Chocolate, fruits and agave syrup are the main sources of carbohydrates in our LIGHT bars.


To ensure a good supply of lipids, we use rapeseed oil, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, as well as chia seeds for their interesting omega 3 content.

LIGHT bars : average nutritional values

What makes Feed. CRUNCHY different from other similar products available on the market?

Feed. CRUNCHY has half the sugar, twice the protein and six-times more fibre than other similar products available on the market.

Is Feed. CRUNCHY filling?

As with all our products, Feed. CRUNCHY is packed full of fibre, protein and nutrients in order to ensure long lasting satiety.

Does the Feed. LIGHT range fill you up?

Our Feed. LIGHT range, just like all our other ranges, is rich in fibre and protein. These nutrients contribute to a longer lasting feeling of satiety.


You will also find four superfoods among the ingredients; konjac, green tea, cayenne pepper and guarana help ensure long lasting sensation of satiety.


Are there allergens in Feed. CRUNCHY?

Soya is the only allergen present in Feed. CRUNCHY.

What are the differences between the LIGHT range and the classic range?

The powdered meals within Feed. LIGHT range provide you with 300kcal as opposed to 650kcal in powdered meals within the classic range. There is no added sugar and there is an average of just 5g of fat per meal.


Furthermore, you will find that within the Feed. LIGHT range there are several superfoods present; konjac, green tea, cayenne pepper and guarana. These four ingredients are both high in protein and fibre. They also contribute to a longer lasting feeling of satiety that is often lacking with other light meals that are available on the market.


  • Two-times fewer calories
  • Four-times less fat
  • Five-times less sugar
  • High fibre content
  • High protein content
  • Four-times more powdered fruit



What are the allergens within the Feed. LIGHT range?

The Feed. LIGHT range is 100% allergen free. There’s no excuse for not giving it a go.

Will I suffer from any deficiencies?

Feed. LIGHT meals, just like the meals in our other ranges, provide you with more than 33% of the vitamins and minerals your body requires for one day. Balanced and nutritionally complete, thanks to Feed. LIGHT you will not suffer from any nutritional deficiencies.

What's the difference between the new Ready-to-Drink recipe and the old one?

We have modified all three recipes in order to improve the vitamin and mineral mix and to enhance the overall taste of the recipes. We put a lot of care into reselecting our ingredients so that we could offer products of the highest quality.

What is amaranth?

Amaranth is a plant that originates from the tropics. It is known for its high nutritional quality. It is rich in lysine, protein, iron, magnesium, potassium and even zinc.

What is the texture of the Apple & Cranberry and Lemon & Amaranth bars?

Thanks largely to the presence of the rice and amaranth, our bars are soft yet have a slightly crunchy texture.

Where does the cocoa in the Feed. SPREAD come from?

The Feed. SPREAD is made in France, but the cocoa used within the recipe comes from Mexico, Venezuela and Ecuador.

How many meals are there in a jar of the Feed. SPREAD?

Each jar contains the equivalent of six 400kcal meals. However, you can choose to adapt your portion size to your own liking.

Is the Feed. SPREAD suitable for diabetics?

The Feed. SPREAD is a complete meal that is low in hyperglycaemic sugars and contains mostly fructose. It is also low in saturated fatty acids, containing only 2g per meal.


We decided to use fructose because it has a higher sweetening power than sucrose or hyperglycaemic glucose syrup that is usually used in this type of product.


However, we would always recommend consulting your doctor prior to trying one of our products.

What are the nutritional benefits of the Feed. SPREAD?

A portion is made up of 33g of spread on 80g of bread. That is equivalent to 400kcal. This represents 20% of the daily recommended intake of carbohydrates, fats, protein and micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals.


You can find out more by visiting the product page and looking at the product specifications.

Does the Feed. SPREAD contain palm oil?

We at Feed. are always trying to provide ever healthier recipes, and that is why our spread contains no palm oil. In order to obtain the necessary fatty acids and ensure high nutritional quality, we use rapeseed oil.

Why is the presence of sugar proof of quality?

Unlike isomaltulose, maltodextrin is not legally considered to be a sugar.


Thus, to “manipulate” consumers, often frightened by a high sugar content, most industrial food manufacturers use maltodextrin. It has very little value from a nutritional point of view.


At Feed., we use isomaltulose, to ensure a low glycaemic index, and better satiety. Don’t be concerned by the high level of sugar as many studies have shown that there are many benefits associated with isomaltulose!


The law concerning the labelling of sugar on food products has had to evolve to take this into account. For further information, the definition of “sugar” needs specific precisions when maltodextrin or isomaltulose are concerned. Simple sugars are monosaccharides or disaccharides. A saccharide is only a carbohydrate component, common to all carbohydrates. Monosaccharides contain one unit of sugar, disaccharides two. When there is one unit, the law considers it to be a “sugar”.


The issue is that the lawmaker doesn’t take the glycaemic index into account. Isomaltulose is a simple sugar, because it is a disaccharide made of glucose and fructose with an alpha-1.6-glycosidic bond – and has to be declared as a sugar, although our body takes a long time to break it down. Isomaltulose has an excellent glycaemic index of 30.


Regarding maltodextrin, it’s a complex carbohydrate – it’s a polysaccharide composed of multiple glucose units linked with chains of different lengths. As with all complex carbohydrates, it shouldn’t be labelled as a sugar. However, maltodextrin has a glycaemic index that can reach as high as 120, and therefore our body breaks it down quickly. Consequently, your appetite will not be satisfied for very long.


Isomaltulose, despite its high nutritional value, affects the nutrition listing. This leads to people incorrectly presuming that it has a negative effect. Rest assured, all Feed. products have been developed by nutritionists. There are no non-essential ingredients within the recipes.

Is Feed. organic?

Our original range is not organic, however, our smart food products are developed and manufactured with very strict product specifications: vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, GM-free… We use organic products as much as possible, but organic pea protein cannot be found in France. Our recipes have been produced in accordance with strict product specifications in order to ensure that we offer our loyal consumers only meals of the highest quality.


Having said this, our organic range is now available and can be bought from our website!

Is soya dangerous?

Rest assured, soya is absolutely not dangerous.


For legal reasons we have to mention the risks associated with soybean consumption, particularly those with pregnant women.


However, many studies show that there is no risk, and even prove that phytoestrogens during pregnancy could protect the baby against cardiac hypertrophy in adult life.


Concerning men who regularly partake in sporting activities, risks linked with soybean consumption are very much an urban myth.


In the past, some studies showed that the consumption of soybean protein caused male testosterone production to decrease by up to 10%. It is through this misinformation that the idea that soybean protein was bad for men has manifested.


However, studies have shown that unless we’re talking about a substantial amount (at least 50g), soybean protein doesn’t reduce testosterone production in men.


To sum up; don’t worry, there are no risks. All Feed. products were developed by dieticians and nutritionists and as a result are designed to benefit the body.

What's the difference between Feed. and Soylent?

Although the concept is the same, there are actually many differences between the products produced by Soylent and Feed.!


Feed. uses high quality ingredients that have been around for generations.


Soylent are proud of using GMOs and boast of it on their blog. They have a very “result-oriented” and “chemical” approach towards nutrition. It has caused them trouble in the past, with consumers who fell ill because they were not used to some of the chemical ingredients present in their products.


All Feed. meals are vegan, without GMOs, gluten and lactose-free, and are made and produced in France (except the Ready-to-Drink range).


Soylent doesn’t necessarily correspond with European habits. Europeans tend to eat 3 times a day, while Americans have perhaps 4 or 5 smaller meals. You would need two bottles of Soylent to replace a more “traditional” European meal, while a bottle of Feed. provides you with the equivalent of a complete and nutritionally balanced meal.


Finally, there is the question of taste. As Soylent products have a lot of additives present, their “meals” can taste fairly artificial. At Feed. we use mainly natural ingredients which results in a much more natural tasting meal!

Are the almonds cooked?

In order to dehull them, the almonds have to be subjected to humidity. Despite this process taking place, the almonds aren’t actually “cooked”.


Their nutritional qualities are therefore preserved. They are then cold pressed.


With regards to the hazelnuts, they are lightly roasted (which is considered as cooking), before being cold pressed.

Are modified/processed starches GMOs?

Modified starches are obtained from native starches that have been processed by either chemical or physical means to give them particular properties.


They have nothing to do with GMOs (genetically modified organisms). To avoid any confusion they are also referred to as “processed starches”.


Consumption of modified starches poses no risk to human health. They are present in the appendix of the authorised additives in the European guideline 95/2/CE.

What is the omega 3/omega 6 ratio?

The omega 3 /omega 6 ratio is 3/1.

Are oats really gluten-free?

Pure oats are gluten-free and safe for people with a gluten intolerance.


However, oats are often contaminated with gluten as they are processed in the same facilities as wheat, rye and barley. Cross contamination can happen during either transport or storage.

What about avenin?

Some studies show that most people with celiac disease or with a wheat allergy can eat between 50-100g of pure oats a day without suffering from any adverse effects.


An eight year study which monitored over 100 patients affected with celiac disease revealed that more than half of the participants ate oats every day without ever suffering from adverse effects.


Nevertheless, the issue with avenin remains.


Even excluding contamination, a small number of patients affected with celiac disease (and possibly other conditions) are not able to tolerate pure oats.


Pure oats contain avenin, a protein that can cause issues because it has an amino acid structure similar to that of gluten.


It is important to know that the majority of people that are sensitive to gluten do not react to avenin. They can safely eat pure oats.


However, a small number of people with celiac disease can react to avenin. For these people even certified gluten-free oats can generate a reaction.


A study of celiac disease and oats consumption showed that the majority of people had a risk of reacting to avenin. However, only 8% of the participants noticed a reaction after having consumed a large amount of oats.


In these cases, the reaction was minor and didn’t lead to the display of clinical symptoms nor a relapse. Consequently, researchers concluded that it was safe for the patients to eat as much as 100g of pure oats a day.

What is the dextrose equivalent (D.E.)?

The lower the dextrose equivalent, the lower the glycaemic index and vice versa!


A D.E. of zero would represent pure starch, and a D.E. of 100 would represent pure dextrose. This is as a result of the complete processing of starch.


In summary, the higher the D.E. and G.I, the more the hydrolysis is increased, and therefore the proportion of simple sugars becomes higher. Basically, above 100, there are only simple sugars, yet it is not always displayed in the nutrition information. This is a legal void used by manufacturers within the industry.


Maltodextrin is often used as it is both cheap and has a high glycaemic index. Consequently, there are only ever simple sugars present.


This is why we prefer using isomaltulose, which has a much lower glycaemic index, and ensures a slow release of nutrients.

Is Feed. suitable for diabetics?

A lot of diabetic people use Feed. products. Our nutritionists worked hard to develop recipes with a low glycaemic index, in order to avoid and prevent insulin peaks.


Consequently, our recipes have a good distribution of nutrients. In our smart food, the carbohydrates come from isomaltulose which is a high quality carbohydrate allowing a slow release of nutrients. Nevertheless, should you suffer from diabetes, we cannot, for legal reasons, recommend that you eat our smart food as we are not a medical or paramedical organisation. Every person is different and we would rather recommend you see a doctor and sought their professional opinion.

Why are your products gluten-free?

Gluten, per se, is not an issue… unless for people who are sensitive or intolerant.


However, gluten has no nutritional value, and many studies show that a lack of gluten can make digestion easier.


Therefore, we decided to create products that would benefit the highest number of people.


Where does the vitamin B12 come from?

Nutrients which are not already present in the raw ingredients are added to the recipes as supplements. With the vitamin B12, depending on the recipe, we use cyanocobalamin, methylcobalamin or adenosylcobalamin.


Don’t worry – you will not suffer from any nutritional deficiencies!

What is the digestibility coefficient?

The digestibility coefficient is excellent and is as high as 95%! The glycaemic index is rated at 22, which allows a slow release of nutrients, without triggering any insulin peaks.

How is the pea protein extracted?

With regards to the pea protein, the production process is simple. After cleaning, the peas are squashed and the shell is removed. Next is the flocculation, a process adapted from potato processing. This coagulates the proteins.

I can see that agave syrup is listed among the ingredients. It has a low glycaemic index but is high in fructose. Given what is said about this type of sugar, where do you stand on this point?

We use agave syrup which is a natural binder with a low glycaemic index. It is much healthier than other binders used within the food industry. We could choose between agave syrup or glycerine or poly-dextrose which are also laxatives.

Is there any added sugar in Feed. meals?

In the Feed. SPORT and BIO product ranges, there is no added sugar. In the classic range, carbohydrates come from isomaltulose which is a high quality carbohydrate that ensures a slow release of nutrients.

Do Feed. bars provide the same recommended nutritional and daily calorie intake requirements as more traditional meals?

Bars provide the recommended nutritional requirements of a complete meal. They are less calorific than the drinks, but you still won’t feel hungry until your next meal.


All Feed. products are designed and developed to satisfy your appetite for up to half a day.

Is there milk in any Feed. products?

Feed. has strict product specifications. Consequently, you will find no lactose in any Feed. meals.

Is Feed. vegan?

All recipes are vegan and contain no animal parts.

Where does the salt in the drinks come from?

The salt found within Feed. meals comes predominantly from the raw materials used within any given recipe. Should you prefer to avoid salt altogether, then you could always look to try our natural or sweet recipes.

Are the added vitamins natural?

In our standard line of products, about 80% of the nutrients come from natural ingredients. We add a vitamin mix in order to prevent any nutritional deficiencies. In our organic range, Feed. BIO, all the ingredients come from natural sources.

Can you tell me more about maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is a lipophilic raw material. It contains encapsulating oils and trace elements that are released when they come into contact with water.

Can diabetics use Feed. products?

A lot of diabetic people use Feed. products. Our nutritionists worked hard to develop recipes with a low glycaemic index in order to avoid and prevent insulin peaks. Consequently, our recipes have a good distribution of nutrients and a well regulated sugar content. In our smart food, the carbohydrates come from isomaltulose which is a high quality carbohydrate allowing a slow release of nutrients.


However, as we are not a medical or paramedical organisation we cannot, for legal reasons, recommend that you use our smart food. Every person is different and we recommend you see a doctor and receive their professional opinion.

How are your products freeze-dried?

Cereals are very finely grounded. For freeze-dried products like fruits or vegetables, they are frozen before extracting water in order to maintain their nutritional value.

Processing ingredients reduces their effectiveness. Where do Feed. stand on this?

Science, and not rumours, should be trusted here. Studies show that “the processing of fibres into fine particles doesn’t impact their performance.” One of the most interesting articles on this comes from the world-famous journal ‘Gut’. The journal is produced for health professionals and researchers in gastroenterology and hepatology. Researchers compared wheat bran fibres from 0.7mm to 2mm.


They established that very fine fibres as well as thicker fibres only had a 2% difference in their (nutritional) performance. Moreover, the researchers stated that “small particles resulted in fewer gastric problems than thicker particles” and added that they helped increase nutrient absorption and decreased bloating, headaches and constipation.


How many calories are in your smart food?

There are 650kcal in the bottles and roughly 400kcal (depending on the recipe) in the bars. The powder + shaker meals come with a cup that allow you to prepare your own portions.


LIGHT bars : what are they ? what are they for ? who are they for ? when can they be consumed ?

Feed. LIGHT bars are meals that are low in sugar. Like our LIGHT powdered meals, the bars are designed to help you achieve your goals in a healthy way, whatever they may be.

Feed. LIGHT bars are rich in essential nutrients such as protein, fibre, vitamin and minerals.
They are also vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, GM-free and made in France.


When consumed alongside a healthy lifestyle, LIGHT bars make it possible to optimize weight management, to make up for a heavy meal, in anticipation of a heavy meal or when you are simply feeling a little peckish.


Feed. LIGHT is designed for all people who want to eat a light, balanced and convenient meal to maintain or achieve their weight.


1 Feed. = 1 convenient meal, so you can eat Feed. at any meal: breakfast, lunch or dinner. The choice is yours!

How should I have the Feed. SPREAD?

In order to receive all of the nutritional benefits of the Feed. SPREAD, we recommend spreading 33g (roughly a teaspoon) onto 80g of bread.

Will I still be hungry after a portion of Feed. SPREAD?

You will not be hungry for up 4 to 5 hours thanks to the rich fibre and protein content. 

Is Feed. CRUNCHY suitable for children?

We do not recommend Feed. CRUNCHY for children as we base our calculations on the needs of an average adult (2000kcal). Adults have a much higher energy intake requirement than children or young adolescents.


Risk of choking. Please keep out of the reach of children.

Can I include items from the classic range in my Feed. LIGHT pack?

Unfortunately not. You may only order recipes from the Feed. LIGHT range.

How can you say it's a complete meal when it consists of just 300kcal?

There are fewer calories as we have lowered the fat and carbohydrate content. Despite the reduction in calories, each Feed. LIGHT meal provides you with more than 33% of your essential fibre, protein, vitamin and mineral requirements for one day.

Can we mix Feed. CRUNCHY with yoghurt?

You can of course mix Feed. CRUNCHY with yoghurt. This will raise the overall calorie intake of your meal. Please be aware that by doing this you risk no longer ensuring that your meal is vegan or lactose-free!

Do I have to keep Feed. CRUNCHY refrigerated?

No! As with all our products, all you need to do is store it in a cool, dry place.

I am a man: 300kcal is not enough for me

The Feed. LIGHT range consists of complete healthy and balanced meals. It is designed to help you reach your fitness or weight goals. If you have or are planning to have a large meal, you may well surpass your recommended energy intake. Thanks to Feed. LIGHT, you would not need to skip meal in order to maintain a healthy energy intake.


Consequently, the Feed. LIGHT range is not designed for men or women specifically. It is a healthy alternative that enables you to balance your diet appropriately.

I want to lose 10kg, what would you recommend?

Feed. LIGHT is not a dietary product. Our Feed. LIGHT meals are sugar-free and low in both calories (300kcal) and fat.


However, if you were to have 1 or 2 Feed. LIGHT meals per day, while maintaining a balanced diet when having other meals and of course remain physically active, you will reach your target weight.

How should I store the Feed. SPREAD?

The Feed. SPREAD lasts up to 12 months after opening. A thin layer of fat may appear on the surface of the product. This is perfectly normal and does not indicate that the product has gone off. We recommend giving the spread a quick stir before use.



Can I have the Feed. SPREAD at any point throughout the day?

You can have the Feed. SPREAD whenever you like! Breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a snack! It’s as flexible as you want it to be.

What can I have the Feed. SPREAD with?

We recommend using wholemeal bread to accompany your Feed. SPREAD. This is because the better quality bread you use ultimately affects the nutritional value of the meal. Of course that is just our own personal preference, and you may choose to have your Feed. SPREAD whichever way you see fit!

Is it possible to consume just Feed. products?

Although 3 smart food meals provide you with all of your nutritional requirements for one day, Feed. does not intend to entirely replace traditional food. Rather, Feed. looks to provide an occasional alternative to people who don’t have the time or the opportunity to have a more traditional meal.


At Feed., we agree with nutritionists that consumers should not look to replace all their traditional meals with our products.


Feed. is a French brand and as most people are aware, there is a great culinary history in the country. It therefore seemed natural to look to find a way to incorporate smart food into the daily diets of our consumers.


Feed. will adapt to you depending on your needs and preferences. 😁

What is the shelf life of Feed. products? Do I need to store them in a fridge?

Our classic range can be left for up to a year when stored in the correct conditions.


Once opened and mixed with water, you have to consume your drink within 12 hours. So you can start a bottle in the morning and finish it in the evening 🙂


Our Ready-to-Drink range has a 9 month shelf life. Once opened you have up to 12 hours to consume your Feed. meal.


How to use Feed.?

Feed. can replace any meal. You can consume Feed. at any time.


Just one bar provides you with all of your nutritional requirements for one meal.


The powder bottles contain the pre-measured ingredients so all you have to do is add water! 😁


You can also adjust the portion size if you wish, (more water for a more liquid drink, less water for a thicker one).


A handy tip: tilt the bottle on its side when you’re adding water. This way, the powder doesn’t get compressed at the bottom. For the “powder and shaker” format, 5 or 20 meal packs are available in our classic Feed. range, and 4 and 15 meal packs are available in our Feed. SPORT range.


For a complete meal, add 400ml of ambient water to your shaker and then add 4 portions of powder in the classic range. With the SPORT range, you should add 5 portions of powder and 600ml of water. A cup comes with the pack in order to help you portion correctly.


You can of course choose to portion according to your own personal preference. 😁

Is it possible to have Feed. for breakfast?

Of course it is possible! Too many people skip breakfast. However, by having a Feed. bar or drink, you will not only be starting your day in the best possible way, but you will also be providing your body with all of the nutrients it requires in order to attack the day! 😁

Why should I have a Feed. meal instead of my usual lunchtime sandwich?

Today, the sandwich/soft drink meal deal can cost £5 if you live in London, perhaps as much as £10 or more if you fancy something a little fancier.


Not only do you have to rush out of the office but you have to face the elements and the queues. Once you’ve made it back to base you barely have enough time to eat your meal. Stressed, sweaty, tired, even perhaps irritable; the lunch you have just gone to collect is no longer enjoyable!


After all this is done, you then have to face the arduous task of cleaning up. Maybe you wouldn’t mind so much if you had just had a particularly satisfying lunch, but as we all know, this isn’t always the case! The average sandwich/soft drink meal deal doesn’t even provide 25% of the benefits of one Feed. meal (vitamins, fibre, minerals…).


Feed. makes life easier. Try our smart food and you will almost certainly enjoy it! Your appetite will be satisfied and you will not suffer from any nutritional deficiencies. A win-win situation 😁


Enjoy the time you have saved to call your friends, rest, or just be more productive and leave work earlier.

Why should I have Feed. instead of a more conventional meal?

Too lazy to do your food shop, to peel vegetables, to cook food, to clear the table, to wash the dishes or to take the rubbish out?


By using Feed. you no longer have to deal with these arduous every day chores. Feed. meals enable you to maximise your time and be as productive as possible.


Furthermore, a Feed. meal provides you with 1/3 of the vitamins and minerals and fibre that your body requires in one day. 😁


Does a Feed. bar really replace a meal?

A Feed. bar comfortably replaces a more “traditional” meal. Feed. bars are produced in France, 100% vegan, allergen-free, and composed of natural ingredients (fruits, linseed, buckwheat seeds, oat flakes …).


If you have a really big appetite, you may be more interested in our bottles which are more calorific, (20% RDI vs 33% RDI) (RDI = recommended daily intake).


But you should not just take note of the calories which merely act as an energy indicator.


In addition to the 33% of RDI of all vitamins, minerals, trace elements, 20% RDI of carbohydrates and 20% RDI of lipids, a Feed. bar provides 40% of the RDI of protein and 30% of the RDI of fibre. These last two elements contribute to satisfying the consumers appetite.


Since smart food first appeared on the market, we tend to measure everything to the nearest milligram. However, a Feed. bar will always be more balanced and nutritionally beneficial than 95% of the meals that active people consume (e.g. sandwiches, salads, fast foods, etc…)


To get the perfect RDI percentage, as with Feed. drinks, there is fractional lack of carbohydrates and fats. They will be largely offset by the two other daily meals, since they are the most common nutrients in a “traditional” diet.

Hot or cold water?

We recommend ambient water be used in both the bottles and shakes. Warm water can damage the folic acid, or some sensitive enzymes and vitamins. But if you are particularly keen then you’re obviously more than welcome to give it a go! 😁

Can I use milk instead of water?

The products are designed to be mixed with ambient water in order to maximise the efficiency of the mixing process. However, some of our consumers choose to use milk instead. Particularly those who are looking to have more protein in their diets. 😁

Is Feed. suitable for children and pregnant women?

Children and pregnant women don’t have exactly the same nutritional requirements as the average adult.


Feed. products are healthy and natural, but for precautionary measures, pregnant women should avoid consuming some vitamins and minerals in excess. Vitamin A, for example, could present a risk to the foetus. Soybean also contains phytoestrogens, that could interfere with the mother and baby’s hormonal system.


With our products being a source a of Vitamin A, we strongly recommend that you watch your consumption of this vitamin and seek independent advice from your doctor.


Finally, our products do not present any risk for the health or wellbeing of children. Nevertheless, Feed. can not be considered as an alternative to balanced meals for young children. With our bars being on average 400kcal, and our drinks 650kcal, the calorie count present within our meals is far too high for a child.

What is the sell by date for Feed. products?

Our classic and organic ranges last up to year if stored correctly at room temperature.


However, the Ready-to-Drink range has a shelf life of 9 months.


It’s worth noting that there’s no need to store any of our products in the fridge.


However, once you open a drink you must consume it within 12 hours. For bars, once opened, they must be consumed within a 48 hour period.

You say your products cover the recommended daily intake. However, men and women have different needs! How do you address this?

It’s as if you were going to the restaurant, there isn’t a rib roast for bulky men and a rib roast for ladies.


In order to ensure that each meal provides you with all of the essential nutrients your body requires, we use recommendations provided by the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES).


Rich in both fibre and protein, a Feed. meal ensures long-lasting satiety.


Furthermore, should you wish to portion meals out to your individual needs – e.g. smaller or large portions, you could always check out our meal sachets. Within the classic range our sachets are available in either 5 or 20 meal formats. Within the SPORT range they are available in either 4 or 15 meal formats.



Who has tasted Feed.?

Over 700,000 people have tried Feed. products. You will find testimonials on our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…) pages.

Do I risk losing my teeth if I eat only liquid food?

It’s an urban legend! You would have to consume liquid products for thousands of years for teeth to start going rotten! You really do have nothing to worry about. Moreover, there are bars if you would prefer to have something to chew! 😁

Is Feed. suitable for athletes?

A large number of athletes use Feed. SPORT meals! These meals contain 50g of protein with 4 times less sugar than products within the classic Feed. range. It really is the best meal for athletes of any level.

I don't have the time to have breakfast in the morning! Which product should I choose? A bar or a drink?

It really depends on what you prefer.


There isn’t one product that is better suited for specific meals.


1 bar = 1 meal and 1 drink = 1 meal.


Some of our consumers eat bars for breakfast, drinks for lunch or dinner, and others like to do the reverse 🙂

Can consumption of Feed. products cause weight gain?

There is absolutely no risk of weight gain as a Feed. meal contains everything that your body requires!


If you don’t snack between meals, you will naturally reach your ideal weight, without suffering from any nutritional deficiencies.


We have a great number of consumers who use Feed. products every day and we have never had any feedback from them regarding weight-gain issues! In many cases they tell us they lost up to 2 or 3 kg within a few weeks.

Can I consume exclusively Feed. products?

It is indeed possible from a medical/nutritional point of view as you will not suffer from any nutritional deficiencies.


But our goal is not to substitute all meals with Feed. products, but rather to offer a healthy alternative.

What about my appetite?

You won’t be hungry between meals. The very low glycaemic index of our ingredients allows a slow release of nutrients, without causing any insulin peaks.


There’s an overload of nutrients and you are guaranteed to feel full up until at least your next meal.


What about chewing?

There is indeed chewing required with Feed. products. Be it with either the bottles or bars, there are always bits to chew!

Where is the cup in the powder/shaker format?

Have a good look for it! It may be at the bottom of the bag! 🕵 🧐

Sometimes I have lumps in my bottle/shaker. How can this be prevented?

With regards to the bottles, the technique is to tilt it slightly whilst you’re adding the water. This way, the powder doesn’t become compressed at the bottom.


With the shakers, you have to put the water in first and then add the powder.


I have had digestion issues after having consumed a Feed. product. Is this normal?

You may require two or three meals for your body to get used to Feed. products.


The reason is simple: 98% of people don’t eat enough fibre. Consequently, when they start using Feed. they ingest more fibre than they are perhaps used to.


It is a good sign if your body reacts; it shows that you have had some nutrient deficiencies in the past. After 2, 3 or even maybe 4 Feed. meals, you won’t have any more difficulties.

I have an issue with my shaker. What should I do?

We designed the seal to be removable to make it easy to clean. Consequently the shaker can be stored without the risk of mould.


A few other shaker brands use seals that cannot be removed and they often become mouldy. These seals cannot be easily removed due to health reasons – e.g. small children may swallow the parts.


However, there’s a disadvantage to this feature. After some time, the seal can move from its original position if the consumer doesn’t properly place it each time.

Can I use Feed. SPORT even if I don't exercise?

Yes, you can.
If you don’t do regular exercise, you still need at least 1g of protein per kg of bodyweight each day.
There is 50g of protein per portion in a Feed. SPORT meal. For example, if you weigh 70kg, you will need at least 70g of protein a day.

How do I prepare my Feed. SPORT shaker?

The simplest way is to order a 1l shaker. If you have a 750ml shaker you will have to mix on two separate occasions.


Add 600ml of water into your shaker. Add 3 cups of powder and shake vigorously. Add the 2 remaining cups and shake again to obtain a homogeneous mix.


Your Feed. SPORT meal is now ready! Enjoy…

Will I still be hungry after a Feed. SPORT meal?

Our Feed. SPORT range contains all the recommended nutritional intake for one meal. Each serving contains 50g of protein.


Rich in fibre, a Feed. SPORT meal provides you with long-lasting satiety.


The Feed. SPORT is available in 4 and 15 meal sachets, meaning you can portion your meals to your own liking.

Why aren't food scan apps compatible with complete meals?

Food scan apps like Yuka aren’t really compatible with smart meals. Despite being good ideas, there are some weaknesses in the analysis of their algorithms that make the results not particularly reliable.


👉🏼 Find out why nutritionists don’t trust these apps…

Can I buy Feed. LIGHT meals individually?

On our website you can you can purchase Feed. LIGHT meals in either packs of 15, 30 or 60 meals. Certain stores may sell the meals individually, however we are unable to do so on our website.


We are also unable to offer product samples.



Delivery times

We work closely with our couriers in order ensure that we offer you the best delivery service. It can take up to 5 working days for you to receive your order.

How to change my delivery address?

You can’t change the delivery address on your customer account once an order has been placed.


Under certain circumstances we are able to change the delivery address. In order for this to happen we recommend that you contact our customer service team either by phone on +44 (0)2033184955 or by email – customerservice@feed.co. Our working hours are from Monday to Friday between 8AM and 5PM.

How to cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order, we recommend that you contact our customer service team either by phone on +44 (0)2033184955 or by email – customerservice@feed.co. Our working hours are from Monday to Friday between 8AM and 5PM.


If your order has already been dispatched from our warehouse then we are unable to cancel your order, however you can choose to refuse the delivery of your package once a delivery attempt is made.


Should you decide to do that, your package will be redirected back to our warehouse. Once it has been received we will process the refund. 


Please allow up to 5 days for the refund to be processed. 

How to find my missing package?

Should you have not received your order, yet the tracking indicates that your package has been “delivered,” you should…


  • Check that the delivery address is correct
  • Check whether a delivery was attempted (there should be a note provided in this case)
  • Check whether your package was left on your property or with neighbours (there should be a note provided in this case)
  • Contact Colissimo on 0810 821 821


If you have followed all the steps mentioned above and still have been unable to locate your package then we recommend that you contact our customer service team either by phone on +44 (0)2033184955 or by email – customerservice@feed.co. Our working hours are from Monday to Friday between 9AM and 6PM.

How to track my package?

In order to track the progress of your package you must create a customer account prior to placing an order. You will find the tracking information for your order in the summary of your orders on your account.


You will be notified within 24 hours regarding the progress of your order.


If you don’t receive your order within 5 working days then we recommend that you contact our customer service team either by phone on +44 (0)2033184955 or by email – customerservice@feed.co.

How do I benefit from the £10 referral discount?

1) Click on the referral link shared by your friend or family member. This redirects you to our e-shop.

2) Select the products you wish to buy.

3) Copy the discount code you have received.

4) Paste the code in the promotional code area and press “OK”.

5) Your order must be greater than £50.

6) Validate your order.

7) Your page will load and you will have a 50% discount on the total amount of your order.

How to contact the customer service team here at Feed.?

The customer service team is available:


Via phone on +44 (0) 2033184955 (call not surcharged) – between Monday to Friday from 9AM until 6PM.

Via email: customerservice@feed.co

Via chat between Monday to Friday from 8AM until 5PM.


If you wish to contact us through our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter), then please send us a private message and state your name, your order number and your request.


A response will be provided within 24 hours (between Monday to Friday). Alternatively you can contact us via our contact form.

Do you offer referral discounts?

Yes! It is possible to refer family or friends. You will receive 50% off your next order over £50. All you have to do is click on “refer a friend” in the bottom right corner of the page in order to kick the process off!

Do I receive a discount when making a large order?

Of course! The more you buy, the lower the average price per meal becomes! You could even save more than £40 on a single order!


I would like to try Feed. prior to ordering

The Feed. team regularly participates in conferences, exhibitions or presentations. We organise free tastings at every event we attend. Follow us on social media and come and meet us! Alternatively, you could order a Starter Pack. This will allow you to try 5 delicious recipes!


Order your Starter Pack here! 😀

I would like to change the flavours in the Starter Pack. What should I do?

Unfortunately it is not possible to change the Starter Pack as it arrives pre-prepared in our warehouse. However, you can choose your meals individually on the shop page. A minimum of 12 meals must be chosen to complete your order.

What is your returns policy?

We always look to provide a high standard of customer service, however, we understand that we can’t get it right all of the time.


In accordance with the provisions of Article L.121-21 of the Consumer Code, you have a withdrawal period of 14 days from receipt of your products to exercise your right of withdrawal without having to justify the reasons behind your decision nor pay any financial penalty.


Unfortunately we are unable to refund the cost of returning any items to us except in circumstances where the product(s) has/have been delivered in error or damaged.


We do not accept products that have already been opened for reasons surrounding food safety.


Once you have posted your package, and in order to receive your refund, you must provide us with the tracking number attributed to the returned items.


In order to exercise your right of withdrawal within the 14 day period, we recommend that you contact our customer service team either by phone on +44 (0)2033184955 or by email – customerservice@feed.co.

Can I bring Feed. products with me on a plane?

We advise you to put the bottles in your check-in luggage. Should you be quizzed by customs officials we recommend you to tell them that you are carrying food. You can bring unopened and empty bottles with you in the passenger cabin and fill them during the flight. This was tested on a flight by a member of our team.

I opened my package. Can I still be refunded?

We recommend that you contact our customer service team either by phone on +44 (0)2033184955 or by email – customerservice@feed.co. Our working hours are from Monday to Friday between 8AM and 5PM.

Are the raw ingredients checked?

All of our raw ingredients are checked and we work with reliable suppliers who remain independent from industrial groups. To ensure the highest possible quality, three laboratories collect samples from every line of production to ensure that the product specifications, e.g. vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and GM-free are all met!

Are Feed. bottles recyclable?

Feed. is an environmentally conscious brand and as a result all bottles are PETE recyclable.


I would like to claim a refund. How do I do this?

It can happen that someone doesn’t like Feed. products, but we hope that you understand that it’s not possible for us to refund a product once it has been opened. It is also not possible for us to take back products, for health and safety reasons (this is due to rules that look to prevent the risk of contamination and poisonings).


This is not a rule that is exclusive to Feed. – indeed all food producers have the same policy. In accordance with the provisions of article L.121-21 of the Code of Consumption. You do benefit from a refund period of 14 days from the delivery of the products to exercise your right of refund without justification. You would not be liable to any financial penalties in this case.


However, the package must not have been opened, and the tape wrapping the parcel must be intact. In this situation, should you wish to claim a refund you can send the item(s) back to us and send a “refund application” to:



231 rue Saint Honoré

75001 Paris

The parcel should be sent to the following address:


PAE du Haut Villé

Rue Hippolyte Bayard


Is Feed. a medical product?

Feed. is a food product and not a medical product. It hasn’t had to pass clinical trials and doesn’t have to be certified as a health product. Nevertheless, for every line of production, three third-party laboratories process random samples to check that product specifications are met.


Is Feed. Kosher/Halal certified?

Our products are vegan and cereal-based. Consequently there won’t be any traces of animal products in our meals. However, we aren’t Kosher or Halal verified. We suggest that you consult the ingredients in each of our products prior to consumption.

There are more and more health scandals linked with the food industry. Why should I trust Feed.?

You can be assured of the quality and traceability of the ingredients used within our products. They are 100% vegan and 100% quality assured!

There's no Bisphenol A in our bottles!

There’s no Bisphenol A in our bottles or shakers!!!

I am against all violence towards animals and I am vegan. Are there any animal parts in Feed. products?

Feed. only uses natural and vegetarian products. All Feed. smart food products are 100% vegan.

What is Feed.?

Feed. provides nutritionally balanced meals, in handy and practical formats. They require very little preparation.


Each Feed. recipe provides you with all of your nutritional requirements for one meal (protein, fat, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins, minerals and trace elements). We only use the highest quality ingredients, such as oatmeal, rice flour, buckwheat seeds, flax seeds, agave syrup, chickpeas, rapeseed oil and cocoa powder.


Although 3 smart food meals provide you with all of your nutritional requirements for one day, Feed. does not intend to entirely replace traditional food. Instead, Feed. looks to provide an alternative to people who don’t have the time or the opportunity to prepare a more traditional meal.

Is Feed. tasty?

Yes, it’s delicious – but we’re always likely to say that!


We strongly recommend that you give some of our meals a go! The best way of doing that is by ordering a Starter Pack through our website! Click here to start your Feed. journey!


When should I have Feed.?

There is no right or wrong time to have a Feed. meal!


  • Are you tired of skipping breakfast and starting your day hungry?
  • Are you tired of the “unhealthy sandwich/soft drink” meal deals?
  • Are you tired of spending all of your lunch breaks in queues?
  • Are you fed up with the idea of having to do the washing up when you get home?
  • Have you lost the motivation to go food shopping this weekend?
  • Are you a student wanting to optimise your lunch-break to study for your upcoming exams?
  • Are you too busy? Do you keep skipping meals?
  • Do you travel by train or car and are you fed up with poor quality industrial sandwiches?
  • Or, do you just want to eat healthier food, while also saving money?


Then join the community and discover Feed., the handy and healthy meal that contains everything your body needs!!!

What's in a Feed. meal?

Oatmeal, rice, flax seeds, fruits and vegetables, chickpeas, rapeseed oil, acacia fibre! We really only use ingredients of the highest quality. We ensure that everything that goes into our meals provides something beneficial to your body.


Each ingredient is carefully selected in order to provide the ideal quantity of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins, minerals, omega-3 and trace elements.


For more information, please consult the nutritional information that is listed on each individual product.

Where is Feed. made?

All Feed. products are made in France (except the Ready-to-Drink range) in specialised plants and in laboratories. They are produced under the ECOCERT body, and the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000) for the manufacturing of organic products. They apply the hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) procedure for the entire process.


We certify that none of our partners or manufacturers perform tests or experiments on animals.

What's the difference between our bars and drinks?

The primary difference lies in the format and in number of calories present in each product. A bar contains roughly 400kcal and a drink can contain up to 650.


While the recipes are different, the principle remains the same; 1 bar = 1 meal and 1 drink = 1 meal.