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You said it.

You said it.

Testimonials. Ambassadors. 27.08.2019

Your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we asked you questions to better understand what you expect from Feed products. Here are some of the numbers that stood out from your answers.

More than 70% of you feel more productive thanks to Feed.

This is the main mission of our products: to give you more flexibility on a daily basis. It is sometimes difficult to find the time to enjoy a real meal. Rather than eating junk, many of you prefer a balanced and healthy option.

Available in six convenient formats, Feed. meals require little to no preparation and can be stored for a year at room temperature. Whether you choose to consume it daily or as an alternative from time to time, at the office or while travelling, you will certainly find the Feed. you need.

More than 60% of you feel stable energy levels until the next meal.

And that’s no coincidence.  Our nutritionists develop each recipe using carefully selected ingredients to guarantee you a slow release of energy over the hours and thus prevent you from getting tired and losing weight.

All Feed. recipes are high in protein and do not contain refined sugars. They thus provide a lasting feeling of satiety without generating significant insulin peaks. In other words, you are set for the next meal and do not feel that familiar afternoon after lunch.

More than 50% of you have experienced an improvement in your physical self.

Feed. allows you to better control your caloric intake and thus, to limit daily excesses. Each meal is perfectly dosed in order to provide you with the right amount of nutrients necessary for a meal. The many recipes and flavours also allow you to satisfy your sweet cravings without the guilt.

Thank you to those who answered our questions. And for the others, do not hesitate to contact our customer service by phone, email or WhatsApp to share with any comments, suggestions or ideas with us.

To sum up

To sum up