Testimonials. Ambassadors. 11.06.2019

Dancer since the age of 6, he is several times French Champion of boogie-woogie, French Champion of lindy-hop, several times medalist in European and world championships.

9AM – In the morning I prepare a fairly substantial breakfast before leaving for training. Typically I’ll have a coffee, 4 slices of bread accompanied with Feed. SPREAD and a banana.

10AM-1PM – I spend the morning training. My training program varies a lot depending on my projects. I can dance up to 6 hours a day during filming, but it usually I’ll only do around 4.

11AM – I have a little refuelling break. Usually I’ll have either a Feed. bar or shaker. I have a very efficient metabolism, and therefore I need to consume a large number of calories in order to avoid losing weight when training.

1PM – We’ll usually have lunch as a team. This is an opportunity to relax and enjoy each others company. Often I’ll have a sandwich, but sometimes it can be sushi. It changes on a day-by-day basis.

3PM – Back to training. Again, it all depends on what project I’m working on. During filming, I’ll work my on my routine. The rest of the time, I prefer bodybuilding exercises to avoid losing muscle mass.

5PM – A quick snack consisting of a Feed. SPORT shaker and some fruit. Feed. meals enable me to perform up to three shows in a single day without going hungry. My personal favourites are the coffee and the banana SPORT powders.

6PM – It’s the end of the day. Time to have a little breather and enjoy my free time.

8PM – I « prepare » myself dinner. I literally have no idea how to cook so usually I just resort to simple pasta and rice based dishes.

I don’t replace my traditional meals with Feed.. Instead I use it as a supplement. I love to eat and for me meals are extremely important. It’s a time that you should with your friends or family. You shouldn’t be in a rush.

When out and about I prefer the bars. When training I tend to go for the shakers.

I have noticed a real change since I started having Feed. meals.

I am able to stay fully energised and I am able to control my weight much more easily.

To sum up

To sum up

Yann-Alrick, professional dancer.