Snack range.

Snack range.

Products. 13.03.2020

New. Range.

  1. Feed. These are meals.
  2. Feed. These are meals. And snacks.

New Feed range. Specially designed for small appetites. At snack. As a snack. At any time of the day.

Recipes from the Snack range provide energy. Always satiety. And are balanced.

Obviously. All our snacks are vegan. Lactose free. Gluten free. GMO free. Another novelty on the market. Feed. did it.


Fibre. Proteins. Vitamins and minerals. Energy. Always have on you.


Without feeling guilty. To please yourself. Take a break. With balanced snacks.

Formats. Recipes.

You already knew our Crunchy ball (chocolate billet). Discover the Coconut-Chocolate recipe.

Crunchy ball. 45 g. 203 kcal.

Chocolate. Coconut-chocolate.

2x less sugar *. 2x more protein *. 6x more fibre *.

* than other billets on the market.

How are the Crunchy balls made ?

Two steps.

  1. Extrusion.

Flours are mixed with water. Until a smooth and homogeneous dough is obtained.

This dough is put under vacuum.

Which will cause the trapped air to swell. And make the dough very airy.

This blown mixture is passed through a huge syringe called an extruder.

To be cooked and pushed into a mold which will give it its final billet shape.

The cooling will bring it all its crispness.

  1. Coating.

Plain billets (without coating) are placed in a chocolate turbine (a kind of food mixer).

Temperate dark chocolate is gradually added to it and constantly coats the billets.

After several minutes of turbination, the chocolate cools around the billets.

And leaves a thin, perfectly smooth layer.

It is possible to add a decoration like grated coconut at the end of the turbining to dress the billet and give it a different flavour.

Raw bars. 28g. 100 kcal.

Hazelnut-chocolate.  Peanut. Coconut. Cherry.

Rich in fibre. Rich in protein. Source of vitamins and minerals.

Feed. raw bars what’s this ?

Gourmet bars 100% vegetable and without cooking, to preserve all the natural nutritional properties. Few ingredients, carefully selected to offer a snack rich in fiber and protein in only 100 kcal.

Take it everywhere. At any time of the day. A (very) gourmet break that will keep you going until the next meal without feeling guilty.

Nutrition Values.

Quality. Ingredients.

Crunchy ball.

Blown, light and crispy billets. Made with rice flour, corn and peas.

An intense dark chocolate coating. And greedy. To keep the crunchiness of Crunchy balls.

The result: a gourmet and balanced snack. Without palm oil.

Raw bar.

Fruit, fruit and fruit.

Dates. Plum. Almonds. Hazelnut. Peanuts. Cherry. Banana. Coconut. Cocoa. Rice and soy protein. Etc. The best of vegetables for a balanced snack.

The date is a miracle fruit very rich in fibre. So rich that it brings alone, more than 60% of the fibre of our recipe. A real appetite suppressant and satietogenic power. It is full of vitamins (A, C, B2, B3, B5, B6) and minerals (potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium). Ideal for fighting fatigue.

Peanuts are one of the foods richest in vegetable protein. Richer than a slice of red meat. It is also rich in omega 9 which helps lower bad cholesterol. Athletes swear by this oilseed reputed anti-cramping and anti-fatigue thanks to the magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, manganese and vitamin B3 it contains.

The Snack range, you can consume it. Everyday. At any time of the day.

Replace your usual snacks too rich in sugars and lipids.

Take a Feed. Snack. Balanced. Greedy.

No longer feel guilty. Treat yourself.

To sum up

To sum up

The orange color is. Pleasure. Creativity. Energy. Don’t feel guilty. Take a break. And start again.