New. Sport meal-bar Chocolate. Crispy.

New. Sport meal-bar Chocolate. Crispy.

News. 13.10.2020
New – Feed. Sport Chocolate Crispy meal-bar.
This new meal-bar is a high-protein, convenient and on-the-go meal for beginners or experienced sportsmen and women.
Regardless of your level, keep in mind that your diet is the key to your success in sports performance!
Whether you’re an endurance or strength sportsman, whether you’re running for miles or stacking cast iron discs, it’s the perfect bar for daily performance!

What’s in it?

23g of crispy protein.
Pea, rice and soy crispy proteins. This trio of plant-based proteins provides you with all the essential amino acids. Whether you want to build muscle or recover better, this is the perfect meal to add into your workout routine.
25 vitamins and minerals.
Energy ! Vitality ! Focus !
This combination of vitamins and minerals has been formulated to counter dehydration (sodium, potassium…), tiredness (vitamin C, magnesium…) and oxidative stress (vitamin E, zinc, selenium…).
The B group vitamins boost your energy level to push yourself to the limit!
Simple and complex carbohydrates.
Ideal for energy recovery and synthesis, carbohydrates are not to be neglected!

During high-intensity efforts, they are the primary energy suppliers.

After the effort, they also help to save proteins, keeping them in stock for repairing muscle fibres damaged during physical activity.
Crunchy chocolate coating.
The psychological side is crucial for physical performance. The sweet, motivating and comforting side of chocolate is the best sidekick you can find for your workouts!

When can I eat it?

At any meal.
This new meal-bar replaces any meal, it is ultra-convenient and easy to digest.
It is also a perfect snack as part of a high-protein diet.
You lack time and prefer to take your Feed Sport bar before your training to fill up your energy levels?
We recommend eating it 1h to 1h30 before your warm-up.
If you find it more convenient to eat it after your workout to increase your protein intake before going back to work, you can eat it
right after your shower. Wait until you take a deep breath and lower your heart rate (25-30 minutes after training)
to take full advantage of the nutritional benefits of the bar.
In short, whenever you want.
You can also use Feed. Sport on days without training..
It’s a perfect balanced and high-protein breakfast for example!
These meals will allow you to maintain a sufficient protein intake to fight against muscle waste.

How many do I eat?

Here is a graph to lead you through your consumption of Feed Sport meal-bars. according to your weight and your sport practice.
These are only indications and maintaining a diversified and balanced diet should remain your top priority!

To sum up:

– Convenient.
– The perfect sport meal-bar.
– High in protein.
– Before or after your workout.
– Develop your muscle mass.
– Improve your performance.
– Recover quickly.
– Vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, GMO-free and made in France.
Try our new Feed. Sport meal-bar Crispy Chocolate.
Crispy and tasty to always stay in shape!

To sum up

To sum up

Good reading.