Five tips to help you through Mud Day.

Five tips to help you through Mud Day.

Good. to. Know. 28.05.2019

Mud Day is around the corner and it’s high time you start preparing yourself for this messy, messy race.

Here are 5 helpful tips to get you through it.

1. Train hard.

Whether you’re taking part to test your fitness or just to have fun with your mates, your body will still be pushed to its limit. That’s why it is important that you train well in order for your body to be prepared for the challenges it will face.

Push ups, pull ups, squats, jogs, sprints, burpees and sit-ups will help you overcome the obstacles you will face throughout the race.

2. Sleep.

To be honest, this is more of a life rule than one specifically focused on race-goers. Get a good night’s kip to help you optimise performance and recovery.

It’s especially important that you sleep well the night before the race. This will help improve your coordination and will minimise the risk of any injury.

3. Eat well.

It is recommended that you eat a meal roughly 2-3 hours before you begin your race. This will allow enough time for it to be properly digested.

Try and have a complete meal with simple carbohydrates (fruits) an hour before you begin the event.

An extra bit of advice would be to eat foods rich in magnesium in order to avoid cramping up. Bananas and even chocolate (yes, chocolate) are ideal in this case.

4. Stay hydrated.

Unsurprisingly, staying hydrated helps you perform to the best of your ability. You should make sure that you’re properly hydrated prior to setting out on the course.

Have small sips here and there in order to avoid having to go to the toilet during the race.

5. Warm up.

Even if you’re just racing to have a bit of fun with your mates, it’s important that you warm up properly.

Once again, this isn’t exclusive to the mud race, it’s simply good practise when you’re taking part in a sporting activity.

It is so important that you warm up properly so that your muscles, tendons and joints are prepared for the physical exertion that is going to be inflicted upon them.

Usually before big races, a collective warm up is organised in order to make sure you’re in the best possible condition before you hit the start line.

To sum up

To sum up

Best of luck!