News. 13.03.2020

That’s it. We’re here.

Change. Determination. Excellence. 

3 values that have paced these last few months.

“Today marks the real birth of Feed. Everything’s changed.” Anthony Bourbon, founder & CEO of Feed.

Our motivation for change. It’s you. This involves listening carefully to your feedback, to give you better visibility, transparency and a clearer understanding of the brand. And of our products.

Creating a team of 100 people in just 3 years. Opening more than 5,000 points of sale in France. Delivering our recipes in more than 30 countries. And developing more than 50 references.

Feed.’s journey has been all about ascending a mountain that has no summit. At each new stage, we make improvements.

We’re ready to offer more. We’re ready to commit.

Feed. isn’t just meal bars and powder shakes. It’s a team of warriors. It’s an ambition. That of getting things done. Changing the world.

We’ve changed our identity. For you. To share our message, daily.

That’s why we’ve changed our recipes. To improve them. To offer you even better.

That’s why we’ve changed our packaging. To make them eco-friendly, and take a step for the environment.

Our values. Today. Our tone of voice. Our mindset. We have our own way of daring. By acting. By choosing. By feeding.

“Feed. More than a mere meal. A mindset. A willingness to reach further.To meet actual goals.” Anthony Bourbon, founder & CEO of Feed.  


Each Feed. range has its own colour. Its identity. Its purpose.

Colours to break codes. Understand. Value. Choose.

Colours. That match you. That match us.

Red. Original.

Passion. Emotion. Ambition. 

Everything’s possible. It’s up to you to prove it.

Blue. Light.

Lightness. Travel. Dream.

You’re free. Reach your goals. Daily. 

Green. Sport.

Strength. Willpower. Determination.  

Performance. Your definition.

And you. What’s your colour?

“Feed. is a generational brand. It represents freedom. To do more. To shake up the system and the established order.” Anthony Bourbon, founder & CEO de Feed.



No isomaltulose. No added sugar.

The isomaltulose has been replaced by 75% oat and rice flour and 25% chicory root fibre (inulin).

Only 4 gr of sugar. Per meal. 100% from our ingredients. 100% natural.


500 kcal. 25% of your daily energy needs..

Many of you told us the meals were too heavy.

They’re still. Fibre-rich. Source of protein. Filling. Immediately. Lastingly.


Selection of better quality ingredients.

Stronger flavours. More freeze-dried fruits and vegetables*. More natural products.

So. Ready to give it another go?


Today, it’s a no-brainer. A brand cannot grow by freeing itself from ecological issues. Take action. For change. That’s why we’ve decided to take a major turn in the eco-design of our packaging.

Farewell. To our famous transparent plastic bottles.

We’re replacing them with 100% recycled and recyclable paper sachets.

This is an innovation in the agri-food market.

This follows 1 year of research and development by our teams. Ageing tests to ensure no organoleptic changes in our meals.

The paper bag (monodose) implies the use of the PET shaker. Reusable. Practical.

To ensure a good rotation between plastic bottles and paper bags, we have anticipated. Adjusted our production. Refined our stocks. Calculated everything. We’ve signed the first foodtech charter of commitment to fight against food waste. And we offered products to nonprofits. Or students.

Ready-to-drink. Recycled. Recyclable.

100%. Recyclable.

30%. Recycled. Legal maximum because our Ready-to-Drink meal-shakes are UHT.**


Recyclable is good. Recycled is even better. And our cardboard packaging is now both. It’s also FSC-certified* (issued from sustainably managed forestry).

The cardboard is softer. Greyer, too. You can even see the fibres in the paper. This cardboard hasn’t been processed. Another reason why it’s more environmentally friendly.

Printers. Imprim’vert.

Surrounding ourselves with partners who share our vision and commitments allows us to move forward. It’s paramount.

Our suppliers and printers play by the rules. They’re Imprim’Vert-certified: they reduce environmental impact, ensure good waste management and use environmentally friendly ink.

How about you. What’s your contribution?

But that’s not the end of the journey. We can go even further. And we will. This will imply conquering new markets. Launching innovation. The development of Feed.back, our endowment fund.

*Freeze-drying: a preservation process by which a food substance is dehydrated until reduced to powder form.

**UHT: Process of preservation/sterilization at Ultra High Temperature.

To sum up

To sum up

Alone, we go faster. Together, we go further.