News. 11.03.2020

Today. La France produit 4,5 millions de tonnes de déchets plastiques. France produces 4.5 million tons of plastic waste.
Today. 80,000 tons are released into the wild.
Today. Caring for the environment is no longer an option.
Now. Feed. Commits. To change. We’ve taken a major turning point in the eco-design of our packaging.

We stop our transparent plastic bottles.

They were iconic. And yet they were plastic. Granted, they were recyclable – but for us, that just wasn’t enough. We got rid of them. Permanently.

We’ve replaced them with 100% recycled and recyclable paper sachets.

This is an innovation in the food market. A long work of our teams. One year of research and development. Several ageing tests to ensure the organoleptic qualities of our meals (and the same taste).

We have chosen paper bags (single-dose) to invite our consumers to favor the use of reusable shakers. Without losing practicality.

To ensure a good rotation between plastic bottles and paper bags, we’ve adjusted our production. Anticipated. All calculated. Stocks refined. We’ve signed the 1st foodtech commitment charter to fight against food waste. And we offered products to nonprofits. Run by students.

Our cardboard packaging.

It used to be recyclable. But now, it’s recycled, too. It also comes from sustainably-managed, FSC-certified forests.

The cardboard is softer. Greyer, too. You can actually see the fibers in the paper. It’s cardboard that hasn’t been processed. That’s just another reason why this cardboard is more environmentally friendly.

Surrounding ourselves with partners who share our vision and commitments allows us to move forward. It’s paramount. Our suppliers and printers play by the rules. They’re Imprim’Vert-certified: they reduce environmental impact, ensure good waste management and use environmentally friendly ink.

* FSC.Environmental label. Ensures that the production of wood or a wood-based product complies with procedures guaranteeing sustainable forest management.

To sum up

To sum up

Change is about details. Small and big steps that turn into convictions. We work every day. We are aware. We are determined. To do even more.