Anthony Bourbon. Founder of Feed.

Anthony Bourbon. Founder of Feed.

News. 22.06.2020

Anthony Bourbon. Overview.

It all begins with Anthony.

As a child, he was not in control of his own destiny. But he wants to shake the system and believes he can change the game. He wants to signify the importance and value of meritocracy above the hereditary. To achieve this, he respects and adheres to essential values; Passion. Ambition. Determination. Resilience. Perseverance.

From the age of 18, Anthony created his companies, ranging from Real Estate, Import Export and Financial Investment.

And to avoid skipping meals, he founded Feed.

He began by developing his own recipes, enhancing the concept alongside adept nutritionists and nutrition engineers, to achieve something that not only tastes great but is substantial. Made with vegetable flour, mixed fruits and vegetables, it works!

He is surrounded by a team of 100 experts, who are determined and committed to providing the best quality produce and service. We make it happen.

« With resilience, work, anything is possible. »

Anthony, Founder and CEO

To sum up

To sum up