Get up. Go. Express yourself. Defy. Play. Work. Grow. Run. Breath. Fulfil. Build. Rebuild. Change everything. Start again. Rise up.
Inspire. Rage. Rest. Go again. Choose.
Give up. Assert. Shout. Move. Unleash.
Exceed. Give. Devote. Surpass.
Live. Shatter. Dream.


More than just a meal. A mindset.

Feed. It’s all about getting the food you need. Just differently.
A meal-bar. A meal-drink. Balanced snacks. 100% of your nutritional needs.
Morning. Midday. Afternoon. Evening. Night.
Balanced. Convenient. On the go.
To have more time. And, give your all, all the time.


Surpass. Excel. Exceed.
If you give yourself the means.
Feed. It’s one of them.
For the ambitious. The passionate. The determined. The resilient.
Free, to do. Or just be.
For those who want, to go further.
Day, after day.


It all started with Anthony.
He was hungry. He didn’t have the means.
As a child, he didn’t hold all the cards.
He wanted to change his destiny. He gave one’s all.
To avoid skipping meals. He created Feed.

« With resilience, work, anything is possible. » Anthony, Founder & CEO


Anthony. Emilie. Nicolas. Joachim.
Anna. Mélanie. Thibaud. Jocelyn.
Alexis. Cécile. Joseph. Romain.
Sandra. Sébastien. Margot. Jeanne.
Cassandre. Clémentine. Benjamin…
Today, we are 100. We tackle challenges.
We are determined.
We like that.
And, you?


Feed.back. is our foundation.
Every year, we donate 1% of our revenue.
To give more chances to those who have less.
And, enable those who want, to do.

Charly. Higher.

Axel. Further.