Your holiday workouts

  • 15/07/2019
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The holiday season has arrived! What’s on the agenda? A bit of relaxation time of course. However, you may be reluctant to put a stop on all your physical activity, particularly if you’ve been working out hard throughout the rest of the year.

So, how can you make the most of your holiday workouts when you don’t have all of the usual equipment you use to hand?

Fitting dumbbells or perhaps your rower (obviously completely unrealistic) into your suitcase is likely to be pretty cumbersome and not very practical. But don’t fret! There’s really no need to panic. There are many cool and exciting ways that you can exercise while on your much deserved break.

If you’re by the seaside you may wish to do the obvious thing and have a good old fashioned swim. Or you could be a little more adventurous and try your hand at some beach volleyball.

You could also try a bit of resistance training by running through water or on sand, although this is a pretty difficult challenge even for the most experienced of runners.

If you’re out in the mountains, you could go on a long hike or, if you’ve got a penchant for speed, you could jump on a mountain bike.

Perhaps you’re more of an urban tourist. If so, why not take the opportunity to explore the place you’re visiting by hiring a bike?

Basically, wherever you are there’s always likely to be an opportunity for you to do something active.

What better time to try something new than when you’re on holiday? Kite surfing, paddle riding or rafting can be both physically challenging and fun! They can also be pretty social. You may even meet new and exciting people, or if you’re with your friends, family or partner, all the aforementioned activities can provide a good opportunity for bonding.

However, if you’re a little timid about trying relatively extreme sports, you could just enjoy some ultra-relaxing yoga as the sun sets or rises!

The weather’s lovely, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Why would you want to go and lock yourself in the hotel’s gym?

When you get up in the morning, try doing just 20 minutes of physical activity. Maybe an intense ab workout, a bit of yoga, or a 20 minute run? Get it out of the way and then enjoy the rest of your day! 


Do a high intensity workout and keep your session as short as possible.

Just 10-15 minutes may be enough if the exercise you’re doing is high intensity.


You should enjoy yourself when you’re on holiday. You should try the local delicacies and discover new foods and flavors and you should not feel guilty about doing these things. After all, you’ve worked hard throughout the rest of the year, this is the time for you to let your hair down.

If the worst comes to the worst and you decide to let yourself go, there’s always plenty of time to train hard over the winter months.

Have a lovely holiday! 

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