Why nutritional scan apps are not compatible with full meals

  • 29/05/2018
Noix de coco

It has been reported to us that some “nutritional scan” apps such as Yuka, provided varying results for our products. Do not panic! This is due to the analysis of certain algorithms that do not necessarily analyze the relevant information.

Feed. is the first convenient, healthy and balanced powdered meal to be listed on Yuka.

When it launched, the app based its analysis on the nutritional values ​​of 100g of powder without taking into account the method of preparation. Our meal powder is designed to be consumed with water. Therefore, you do not consume just 100g of powder. Instead you are having a complete and meal that measures roughly around 600ml (150g of powder + 400ml of water).

Yuka, eager to improve its rating system and evaluate new product categories, such as those related to smart food, was quick to make changes to its algorithm. The app now differentiates ready to consume meals with those that need to be reconstituted. Since this change, our meals have seen their quality rating increased to “good to excellent”.

Our bars have the same nutritional quality as our powders. Nevertheless, the results on Yuka are not the same.

This is because our bars offer the nutritional value of an entire meal in a handy and convenient 100g format.

Therefore, the energy density within this range is high. The energy density is the number of calories per volume. If 350g of leeks and 45g of chocolate bars provide the same calorie intake, it is necessary to take into account the quantity absorbed and the individual quality of their energy. Feed. bars are rich in essential nutrients (protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals) and represent the equivalent of a complete meal (starter, main and dessert). In this case, a 100g bar is equivalent to 500g of food.

In its algorithm, Yuka considers our bars as simple bars and not complete meals which in turn means that they have a lower rating than our powdered meals.


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