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  • 10/04/2018
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We are proud to present to you our new Feed website. 👨💻

There will be loads of new things happening at Feed. in 2018. New recipes, new ranges and, just to kick us off for now, a brand new WEBSITE!!! 🎉

The former was not particularly flexible and we wanted to offer you a better user experience.

Many things have changed. Do not panic, we will explain everything in detail.

(PS: we are counting on you to report any bugs or problems you encounter to Please use the “bug site” as the subject in any email you decide to send!


New look

More than a complete meal, Feed. Is freedom. The freedom to play sports, read a book, stroll, listen to music, go to the museum, take a nap… In short, Feed. is life!

Feed. is a tasty product that frees up time. Your time. This is what we wanted to highlight with this new site.


Optimised purchasing experience

Many of you have reported that the buying process on our old site was complicated. Unable to mix products, single unit purchases impossible, no reduction in prices when choosing different products. Overall, we understood. It was a long and arduous process!

→ We heard you. 💪

Our teams have reviewed the whole user experience for ordering Feed. We have designed it to be simple and fast.

You can now add individual products.

If you want to test our products, our discovery pack (5 complete meals) can be ordered individually. Simple.

Otherwise, your order must include at least 12 meals.


For example, you can order:

1 bag of 20 meals


3 packets of 4 meals


1 bar + 1 bottle + 2 packs of 5 meals


5 bars + 7 bottles


Degressive prices

From now on, the rules are clear. The more you buy, the lower the average price of your meal becomes. You could even get up to 20% off! 💰

10% discount on purchases of €100 or more, 15% on purchases of €150 or more and 20% off purchased of €200 or more.

You can see the discount in real time in the shop page and in your basket. Notifications inform you regarding how much you have to add in order to complete your order.

No more ambiguity.

At Feed., unlike other brands, we provide you with a price per full meal (650 calories), not 400 calories. Lots of other brands choose to use an artificially lower price than the one they actually display. At Feed. we are transparent and have absolutely no intention of misleading consumers.

Quicker delivery

We have changed our delivery partner, and your packages will now arrive much quicker. Our previous partner was not able to keep up with the extraordinary growth that Feed. has experienced over the last 18 months. We absolutely understand that lead time has to be as little as possible. That is why we will now be dispatching parcels within 24 hours of an order being made. On average, the delivery will take between 1-2 working days from this point within metropolitan France, and 3 days within mainland Europe. 📬


Pick-up points (coming soon!!!)

We will soon be establishing pick-up points. You will be able to find your nearest pick-up point on our website and then decide if you would like it to be delivered there.

Free delivery in France and Europe for orders of  €70 or more

With millions of meals sold within the last 18 months, Feed. aims to become the European leader in smart food.



You can now follow your order history, the tracking of your parcels, your invoices, and a summary of your referrals …


Where are Feed. products sold?

Not all of our distributors were listed on our previous site.

We have listed all of the shops and stores where Feed. products are now sold. You can now find where your closest Feed. distributor is to you. Feed. has more than 800 distributors in France (Franxprix, Monoprix, Leclerc, Super U and Intermarché). By the end of 2018 we will have more than 1,500 distributors. We rely on our clients to put pressure on their favourite stores to stock Feed. products. 😍


A new and fun blog

We have redesigned the whole blog so that the articles are as attractive as possible.

The categories appear so that you can choose in one click the topics that interest you the most: Nutrition, recipes, news, events, and even testimonials …

We will regularly feature external contributors in order for the blog to become a place where people can exchange valuable bits of information.

Do not hesitate in contacting us if you wish to submit an article or if you have any exciting ideas.


A better designed referral system

We wanted to give you a better referral experience, so we have created a system that we believe will make your Feed. experience easier and more enjoyable! We want you to be proud of our products and ideally for you to recommend them to your friends and family! As has always been the case, the first order made via a referral will receive a 20% discount. You will then receive a €10 discount on your next order (this can only be applied for orders of €50 or more).



A much clearer and more precise FAQ. We aim to answer all of your questions, but if for any reason you are unable to find the question you are looking for, then please do not hesitate in reaching out to us!🕵♀


New means of payment

The payment page has drastically improved. You are now able to buy individual products and buy in just one click once your payment details have been saved. Payment options available include Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal, and Maestro.

We are pleased to introduce our new site and hope it meets your expectations. We would be delighted to hear about your first impressions via our social media pages, or alternatively by email. You can contact us at


We are already working on offering you incredible new features. All your ideas and suggestions are more than welcome! 😀

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