The first spreadable meal

  • 19/11/2018
Noix de coco

We are always keen to hear from our clients, and we are always looking to produce new, healthier and balanced food solutions.

This is why Feed. has broken new ground again! Our latest product, Feed. Spread, is the first spreadable meal. It’s perfect for all food-lovers longing to maintain a delicious yet healthy diet.

With the Feed. Spread, you are guaranteed a complete and fully balanced meal. Gluten, lactose and GMO-free, our products are always 100% vegan. The Feed. Spread has been developed by chefs, dieticians and nutritionists in to provide you with the perfect balance of nutrients.

Composition and nutritional value

Made from hazelnuts, cocoa, pea and soya protein and oils selected for their high nutritional value, the Feed. Spread is a delicious and creamy meal which is sure to please even the the fussiest of eaters.

The sugar in the Feed. Spread comes from the fructose present within the recipe. There are a number of reasons as to why we chose to use fructose.

  • In manufacturing the product, there is better stability with the pea protein and the oils which are rich in unsaturated fatty acids.
  • Tasty and, even in small quantities, naturally sweet, it works very well with the hazelnuts, while also providing a slightly crispy texture to the spread.
  • It also has a low glycemic index ensuring that the spread remains healthy and does not risk inducing peaks.

We chose to use ingredients that provided all of the essential amino acids required in order to maintain a healthy diet. 

Pea and soya protein are plant-based proteins that compliment each other very well and have very good amino acid ratios. 

With regards to the oils used, we decided to use palm and rapeseed oil because they are between 4 to 6 times lower in saturated fatty acids, therefore providing better nutritional value. Another major reason we decided not to use palm oil was because of the negative environmental impact associated with the sourcing of palm oil.

The saturated fatty acids which are found in palm oil, have atherogenic (1), thrombogenic (2), hypocholesterolemic (3) effects and can therefore increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Monounsaturated fatty acids have the effect of lowering LDL-cholesterol “bad cholesterol”, so they help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and hypertension but also regulate inflammatory reactions.

Polyunsaturated acids help lower blood levels of LDL-cholesterol, and play a role in protecting the cardiovascular system. They also stimulate the immune system and protect the functioning of the nervous system.

A thin layer of fat may appear on the surface of the product. This is perfectly normal and only happens because we use oils rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and very little lecithin. We do this in order to ensure the healthiest possible meal. We recommend that you mix the spread well before serving.

The Feed. Spread is a healthy and balanced meal. A teaspoon of Feed. Spread (33g) and 80g of bread provided you with 20% of your nutritional requirements. This corresponds to 400kcal, 7g of fibre, 13 g of protein, 15g of fat including 1.4g of saturated fatty acids and 50g of carbohydrates including 11g of sugar.

The nutritional value of the meal may vary slightly depending on the type of bread you choose.

The nutritional value of the meal very much depends on the quality of the bread you choose to use.


For 100 ml

Sunflower Oil 

Rapeseed Oil

Palm Oil 

Saturated Fatty Acids (g)




 Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (g)




Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (g)





The Feed. Spread is twice as rich in protein. Protein and fibre are the two macronutrients that provide a longer lasting feeling of satiety. As far as sugar is concerned, the quantity is half that of a conventional spread. However, you will find that the taste remains the same thanks to the fructose present within the recipe. The latter can be dangerous to your health only in case of excess. In our recipe there is just 11g of sugar per serving which is no different to the quantity found in fresh fruit.

The Feed. Spread and a classic cocoa based spread have similar doses in the form of lipids. However, the major distinction between Feed. and other brands is the quality of the fatty acids used in the recipe.

Tasty. Healthy. Balanced. The Feed. Spread is a complete meal rich in vitamins and minerals.

(1) Atherogenous: which produces atheroma, plaques consisting of lipids attaching to the inner wall of the arteries.

(2) Thrombogenic: likely to produce thrombosis, clot formation in blood vessels

(3) Cholesterol lowering: low blood cholesterol level compared to a limit set by health authorities.