The explorer’s smart food

  • 28/08/2018
Noix de coco

We have been following Hugo on his European adventure for a week now. After his excursion in Iceland, he has decided to continue his adventure in another Nordic territory – Norway! 🇳🇴 This week Hugo will keep us updated as he travels from fjord to fjord while discovering this beautiful and less talked about country. 🗻

After arriving in Oslo, Hugo heads straight to his hotel where he finds the Feed. meals he ordered earlier in the week waiting for him. He has calculated that he will need 15 meals throughout his time in Norway. Rather than going for the bar and bottle meals, as he did when in Iceland, he has chosen to go for Feed. 5 meal packs. This means that he will be able to adjust the quantity of each meal depending on how hungry he is at any given point. Each meal provides him with all the nutrients he requires. The meal pack means that there is zero waste, either in terms of food or packaging, and it is extremely easy to fit into his travel bag! 👌

After enjoying the capital, Oslo, and having tasted the famous Norwegian sandwiches and the world famous (and very easy to pronounce: smørbrøds🙄😬), Hugo catches a bus towards his starting point!🚶‍♂️

Hugo’s days are physically intense. The landscape, although beautiful, can be extremely testing. He has to climb mountains, climb glaciers and even walk along precipices. In the evening, he sets his tent up near a fjord at the foot of a glacier and falls asleep staring at the stars. Perfect!😍

“I feel like I am in an isolated universe completely separate from civilization.”


Hugo at dawn! 😍

The following day, while waiting at a bus stop, Hugo starts chatting with a group of scientists who are researching one of the glaciers in the area.

They choose to eat together, Hugo brings along his Feed. five meal Porcini Mushroom sachet. His new acquaintances are fascinated by this and don’t stop asking questions…

“What is it that you’re eating?”

“Is it good?”

“Are not you hungry after finishing?”

“What does it taste of?”

“Does it keep well?”

Hugo proceeds to explain the concept of “smart foods”: a complete powdered meal or a bar that allows him to not go hungry for up to 6 hours. Hugo prefers a mix of both savory and sweet recipes, and as result looks to have a Feed. Chocolate bar for breakfast, Feed. Spicy Tomato for lunch, and Feed. Porcini Mushroom for dinner!

Hugo generously gives up one of his chocolate bars so that his new friends can give it a go. He says goodbye and wishes them well for their project.👋




Hugo taking a photo in Norway 📸

Hugo’s trip has so far been extremely memorable. He has made new friends, seen breathtaking landscapes, climbed steep mountains, and has tasted the varied cuisine in both countries he has visited.😋

Hugo is eager to discover southern Europe because even though he loved his trip to Iceland and Norway, he has really missed the warmer weather associated with southern climes. Hugo puts his bag on his back and sets off to conquer the beaches of Portugal. ⛱

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