Feed. consumers: Antoine’s story

  • 02/05/2019
Noix de coco

I come from Perpignan. I work in seasonal jobs; for example I am a lifeguard during the summer and I work in restaurants during the winter months.

The off season is often pretty dull. Consequently I decided to save a bit of money and go on a little journey!

I had not visited my brother for some time, so I thought it would be a good idea to make my way up to Paris… by bike!

I found guides and cycling maps that enabled me to draw up a safe and practical route. I left Biarritz and the first stop-off on my trip was Eurovelo. I managed to use a selection of bike routes that connect Santiago de Compostela in Spain to Trondheim in Norway.  

I have always enjoyed skateboarding, surfing, running and hiking, but I’d never previously been much of a bike rider. In fact, I set out on my trip without really knowing what I would need along the way.

I knew that I had to travel as light as possible in order to avoid being laiden with heavy gear. I really did have just the bare minimum; my tent, clothes and something to eat while on the move.

My brother recommended that I give Feed. bars a go. So I built up a small stock with two 5 meal packs and a dozen bars. I chose meals from the ORIGINAL range and the bars because they were rich in carbohydrates. I did briefly consider having the SPORT range, but the extra protein in that range did not necessarily meet my needs.

I had planned to do six hours of cycling per day for 20 days. In the end I arrived in just two weeks. I skirted the Atlantic coast, from Biarritz to the bay of Arachon, Bordeaux, Tours, Orléans before finally arriving in Paris.

I started my days around 8 AM with a shaker to gain some strength and so that I could get on the road quickly. Around 11 AM I would have a short coffee break with a croissant. Then I’d have another Feed. meal at lunch to recharge my batteries.

I had not tried Feed. prior so I really did not know what to expect. The thing about Feed. meals is that they are quick and easy to prepare. I could have my meal at lunch and be sure that I would arrive at my destination before nightfall. The time I saved enabled me to visit interesting places and set up camp for the night.

I crossed paths with many other travellers. I even met some who came from Alaska! It certainly gave me inspiration to embark on other projects further afield.

I have already planned my next trip. I will be heading to Costa Rica on a backpacking holiday with my girlfriend. We will leave San Jose, the capital and go by bus to Mal Pais in the west of the country.

I’d recommend following the Feed. adventure at Why not start your own adventure today?


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