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  • 29/04/2019
Noix de coco

Rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, each Feed. bar provides 20% of your daily energy requirements.

Vegan, gluten, lactose and GM-free, all Feed. bars are made in France.


A Feed. bar can replace either a meal or a snack.


Feed. bars are ideal for those who are looking for a complete, balanced and convenient meal. A Feed. bar can replace any meal and can be eaten at your desk, while out on the go, or even just at home.


Each Feed. bar provides 20% of your daily energy requirements as well as 33% of your essential daily nutrients such as fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. This nutrient content corresponds to an average diet of three meals and two small snacks. This pattern of eating is recommended by nutritionists as it optimises the energy distribution throughout the day.

Both ANSES and WHO recommend that an average adult consumes 2000kcal per day. Consequently, we at Feed. calculate our meals based on these recommendations.

Our bars are rich in both fiber and protein which ensures long-lasting satiety.



Our bars are composed of a variety of high-quality ingredients, including plant-based protein and buckwheat seeds as well as agave syrup.

While making the bars, we mix our raw and dry ingredients (proteins, almonds, buckwheat seeds) and then add the agave syrup which has been fluidified through being slightly heated.

After the mix has been prepared, it is cooled and then extruded. Extrusion consists of moulding the mixture into its final shape.

Once this process has been completed, the mix is cut into 100g portions before being packaged individually.  


Agave syrup owes its sweetness and low glycemic index to fructose. Fructose, unlike sugar, limits the production of insulin and avoids peaks in blood sugar levels which can often lead to food cravings. Agave syrup is also rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Feed. bars contain pea protein because of its many nutritional benefits. Each bar contains all essential amino acids making it an excellent source of plant-based branch chain amino acids (BCAA) such as lysine and leucine. These elements help ensure that the body is able to build muscle mass.

Just like the rice and soy protein that is used within our recipes, pea protein has an excellent absorption rate (98%). Allergen free, it is also an excellent source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

The fat in our bars is sourced from oilseeds that are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids.


There are currently six recipes within our bar range; Red Berries, Chocolate, Banana & Chocolate, Coconut & Chocolate, Lemon & Amaranth and Apple & Cranberry.


Your bar is best consumed with a glass of water. Store in a cool dry place between 15-25° C. Your bar should be consumed after the date indicated on the packaging.

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