Conquering the American Desert

  • 06/05/2019
Noix de coco

On March the 29th, “The French Fraires” took on the challenge of traveling 550km in the middle of the American desert during the Speed ​​Project. The only French team participating in this edition, they chose Feed. to accompany them on their adventure.

Their adventure? Four days of racing through the middle of the Mojave Desert with the finishing line in Los Angeles the end-goal.

“We had prepared very well. We had even prepared our race strategy. Those we were in touch with at Feed. had reinforced the point that we should not be neglecting our nutritional intake. In this race, you are both physically and mentally challenged throughout.”

When they’re not running, the “Fraires” regain their strength in their camper van that is operated by their support team. The team is united and highly motivated, however, the hostile environment and unfamiliar terrain presents new and unforeseen obstacles along the way.

“The stomach is always the first organ to give way… we still had over 200km left to go and we were really beginning to wonder whether we would be able to finish the race. We had to completely change our diet: out went the solids and in came water and Feed. shakers. This change saved our race.”

An unprecedented challenge for this team full of young and ambitious runners. 

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