A day with Gwendoline Philippe

  • 27/06/2019
Noix de coco

I discovered Feed. through Pascal Martinot-Lagarde. He was the one who got me into it initially. I eat a bit of everything and I do like to eat a lot! Although, when I have to, I keep an eye on on both what and how I’m eating. I have Feed. every day. I am often traveling so it’s useful to have when the choice of food is pretty limited. It helps me regain my strength and is convenient to have wherever I am.


On an average day I will wake up at 8AM

8:30 – 9AM: I’ll have two bits of toast with with some Feed. SPREAD as well as smoothie. I love tasty food, which is why I am so keen on the Feed. SPREAD. I have it just about every morning.

10:30- 12AM: I start my day with a cardio session and some weight training.

12AM – 1PM: If I have the time I look to have a real break. I’ll prepare something to eat (past or rice-based). However, if I have a short amount of time, I’ll have a Feed. meal instead. Usually it’ll be a bar or a Ready-to-Drink. I will then begin training again at 2PM.

2 – 3.30PM: I train with my personal coach. However, this is not something that we do every day.

5.30 – 7PM: I will follow this up with a class. I do not have anything to eat throughout the afternoon.

8PM: It’s dinner time! I never skip meals, so even if I’m not hungry, I will always have something. When I have the time I will prepare something with my boyfriend.


During competitions it’s a little different

8.30 – 9AM : I’ll prepare a substantial breakfast. Usually an omelette of some kind, or maybe even a rice-based dish. It’s a little hard to get used, but it does give me the energy required to compete.

10AM : I begin warming up.

11AM – 1PM : my competitions usually start at 11.30 and around 1 in the afternoon. This is why I choose to eat substantially in the morning.

2PM : if I can, I will usually go back to the hotel and prepare a meal full of starchy foods and protein. However, most of the time I am more than happy to tuck into a banana, a compote, or a Feed. bar. It’s dependent on what I have around me. In karate, it’s not unusual to suffer from digestive problems. I do not know why particularly, but it is a recurring problem. We eat. We train. We eat again. We train again. All without ever really giving our body the time to digest things properly.

This is why I like Feed.! I digest it easily and find that it helps me control my weight.


During my free time I do like to eat a lot…

I actually had some Feed. CRUNCHY at the cinema not too long ago. I knew I’d have wanted to have popcorn but instead I chose to have the CRUNCHY. It was a week before I was competing and I wanted to control my weight so I was being extra careful with what I was eating. I gave them a go and I must admit that I really did enjoy them. It’s sort of like guilt-free pleasure!


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