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  • 16/03/2018
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While Feed. has one main purpose, to bring you delicious and balanced meals, we also aim to provide you with more opportunities..

You may well be thinking, “What sort of opportunities?” Well, Feed. can save you time and money.

Time is saved because you do not have to prepare a complete meal. Money is saved because a Feed. meal can cost as little as €2.40.

Feed. can save you up 30 hours a month.

You may not necessarily realise it, but food can take up a large part of the day when you take into account the time spent shopping for and then cooking it. Of course, cooking can be enjoyable (in that case it can’t really be seen as time lost) but many people do consider it to be a chore and would prefer to spend that time doing other activities.


According to a recent study by Le Figaro, French people spend nearly three hours a week shopping for food.

For those living in big cities, shopping can be a particularly arduous task. Often without cars, people are forced to carry great heavy loads from their local supermarket back to their house or apartment. Should they decide that they would rather avoid the heavy lifting, they may be forced to do their shopping on a daily basis.

For parents, shopping can be an even more painful experience. Having to bring young children on the weekly shopping trip can be very stressful. In fact, more than a quarter of all parents consider it to be a chore (1).

Do you want to spend a month and a half of your life queuing up in a supermarket? 

Spending nearly three hours a week doing food shopping is hardly everyone’s idea of fun. The only thing that can make that experience any more painful is the fact that the average queue time at French supermarkets is over 10 minutes(2). If you end up going to the supermarket two or three times a week then you can quite easily find yourself frittering away 30 minutes in queues. Not cool.

Preparing meals

According to the INSEE statistics, we spend an average of 53 minutes preparing and then cooking a meal (3) (4).

Preparing your own food can be a fulfilling experience, it’s also considerably cheaper than eating out every day, however it can also take up a lot of time.

Thanks to Feed. you are able to save time and money. It’s the perfect solution for busy professionals, parents or for those who just do not enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

Queuing at a fast-food joint

The average waiting time at a fast food chain at lunchtime is 12 minutes.

Do you really want to spend time queuing up in fast food chains for an unfulfilling and unhealthy meal?

Nobody likes queuing up. That much is fairly obvious. But queuing up for low-quality food at often extortionate prices really is not the best way to spend your time.

Our solution to save you time:

Complete meals with all the nutrients your body requires, in a handy format and at a reasonable price.






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