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Nutrition 22/05/2019

Essential vitamins and minerals for athletes

An athlete's diet is so very important. Nevertheless, micronutrients, i.e. vitamins and minerals, are often overlooked despite their importance.

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News 16/05/2019


On May 9th, Feed. won the award for the fastest growing European food startup at the Seeds&Chips summit in Milan.

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Nutrition 15/05/2019

Everything you need to know about vitamin C

What do you know about vitamin C? Probably not a lot! In this blog you will find everything you need to know about this crucial dietary component.

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Community 11/05/2019

A day with Pascal Martino-Lagarde

Six times Champion of France in the 60m hurdles. Twice Champion of France in the 110m hurdles. Last year at the European Championships in Berlin,...

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Nutrition 10/05/2019

What is gluten and which foods contain it?

Gluten, responsible for so many health problems, is being used less and less in our meals. So, what is it exactly?

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Community 09/05/2019

Pascal Martinot-Lagarde joins the Feed. adventure

Feed. has teamed up with the European 110m hurdle champion, Pascal Martinot-Lagarde.

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News 07/05/2019

Feed. CLASSIC powdered meals

All our powdered meals are 100% vegan and made in France. They are made from gluten, lactose and GM-free ingredients.

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Nutrition 07/05/2019

Everything you need to know about vitamin B12

What do you know about vitamin B12? It's a key vitamin for our well being and our health. Here is some expert advice on how to avoid any deficiency.

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